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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week 5 at WSU GO-GIRL!

Hello GO-GIRLS and families,

Woo hoo! Week five was a success!

During the parent cafe, over delicious danishes and doughnuts, Dr. Sally introduced many interesting topics. First, she emphasized the importance of taking on challenging math classes throughout our children's education. Being ahead in math, by taking on the advanced placement courses, proves to be very advantageous by being with other students who are just as motivated, as well as helping get ahead in college courses. Next, a Go Girl mentor, Ashley, came and introduced to parents the positive aspects of utilizing Facebook as a tool of communication. By "liking" Wayne State Go-Girl, you can find out a lot of fun facts and information while staying in the loop with your girls! Afterwards, a Wayne State librarian brought all of the parents to the computer lab and took them on a virtual tour. The most important and useful thing that the parents learned was MEL (Michigan Electronic Library) and how many resources that can be obtained via MEL. Check out the website available to all Michigan residents: www.mel.org

Our Go-Girls learned many different things today, too. What was discussed during our second half of class was the meaning of demographics and characteristics of a population. Out of several which were listed, the most agreed upon for the food desert survey was employment, transportation, number of household members and the distance of their homes from stores. The girls were then brought to the library and created a questionnaire on "InspireData" which they will be using to create their surveys next week.

Looking forward to week six, GO GIRLS!