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Monday, November 15, 2010

G^3 Cyber Fall 2010

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Our second G^3 Cyber was such a smash! The day started out in the WSU Welcome Center with a fun "Find Someone Who..." activity which was actually showing us how data mining works (how Google and other online sites sort our "likes" and "dislikes"). From there we moved to the Computer Science labs in State Hall where we started to dabble in learning the SCRATCH program. Each GG was armed with a cute, purple GO-GIRL wristband flashdrive complete with their individual iPhoto photo, and were all able to take the program and their work home with them for later! Parents met in the morning for a Parent Cafe in the UGL where they discussed career opportunities in Computer Science and explore ways they they can support their daughters as they continue to plan their path to college. Then we enjoyed boxed sandwich lunches and took turns checking out demonstrations by computer science students. The students had taken apart computers and showed us how hard drives worked and they answered our questions about computer science college degrees and jobs. We took tours of the 3D Movie labs in the Woodward Bldg. and finished the day with a fun prize-filled round of Cyber Jeopardy!

Reunion 2010

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Today we had the 2nd of our GO-GIRL reunions from 1-3pm. The event was open to all former G0-GIRLs and we had GGs all the way back from 2004! Mentors from 2003 and 2010 showed up as well! GG parents and GGs visited the WSU Info fair and enjoyed an ice cream buffett and social. It was a fun and successful afternoon of information, prizes, and reconnecting with one another! We're looking forward to next year's reunion! :)