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Friday, March 23, 2012

GO-GIRL 2012 Week 4

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
Week 4

Today the Go-Girls ventured out to the Undergraduate Library. When they arrived they were split up into their groups, but all learned the same information. The first presenter started off by asking a few questions about their knowledge in PowerPoint and later gave feedback. They were then all sent a PowerPoint by using their knowledge in how PowerPoint’s should actually look.

The next presenter talked about citing information, adding graphics, and taught them how to evaluate websites. She gave them a list of things they should look for when evaluating and telling whether the site is legitimate or not. This list includes: accuracy, currency, relevancy, authority, being biased or not, domains, and advertising. After learning the ins and outs of websites they were all given a website to see if it was real or fake.

To end off the day at the library their last presenter talked about a website called Mel.org (Michigan e Library) where many data bases are. These data bases are there so you can research on basically any topic. The data bases bring up articles, sites, and more.