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Friday, April 27, 2012

Coming to a close

Saturday April 21, 2012 Marielle Kouassi
In the beginning many of the girls were ready to make friends, but didn’t know if the others felt the same. Although this was the case in the beginning the G.O-G.I.R.L.S have become closer and comfortable around each other. By participating in group activities together, coming up with research topics and ideas their friendships will hopefully last. In the morning the G.O-G.I.R.L.S continued to come up with their routine for their group performance. Every group (out of six) was required to come up with a cheer/dance routine to introduce their group for who they were. Although a few weren’t dancers they all collectively came together to make up exciting routines. After their routines were complete they began to work on their PowerPoint presentations. During the graduation ceremony the girls will be able to display their research and the results from their surveys. While showing their results they will explain to the audience why and how they conducted their research.

What the future holds

Saturday April 7, 2012 Marielle Kouassi
While many students in college are still deciding if they will major in A or B, G.O-G.I.R.L.S get an advantage over them. In the morning the girls ventured out to the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Wayne State University to learn and explore. While the girls were at the College, they were exposed to many activities and projects that students in the college perform every day. When they first arrived they were split into their groups while doing the same activities, but at different times. The girls first went to the lab to test a fake urine sample. While testing the girls were able to use the same equipment the pharmacist use in their field. Then the girls went upstairs to make arts and crafts including: small pillows, bracelets, and more. All of these activities were put into place so that girls could test their strength. The strength test dealt with the physical therapy aspect of the college. After the tests they watched a video about the jobs of physical therapists. The video included how to become a physical therapist, how they interact with their patients, and the great advantages of being a physical therapist. After the video they went through a few physical therapy tests to show how they work with their patients; taught by students in the College. After the day was over the girls were left with knowledge about pharmacy and physical therapy.