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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Monday, June 30th

The “In a Heartbeat” fun continued as the girls prepared for G3N (GO-GIRLS Go Nursing). The girls made their way to the WSU College of Nursing were they were active participants in a presentation and discussion about the Heart and Heart Health lead by Dr. Rhonda Conner-Warren, an alumnus of Wayne State University and the Assistant Professor of Health Practice at MSU. During this presentation the girls learned about the anatomy of the heart, normal vs abnormal heart sounds, the risk factors for heart disease and how to identify the symptoms of both a heart attack and a stroke. All of these fun facts were later tested in a rousing game of jeopardy with categories like “The Heart of the Matter” and “In my Heart of Hearts”.  
  Dr. Cynethera McNeil, a certified Nurse Practitioner and full-time Clinical  faculty at the WSU College of Nursing,  kept the girls  moving and working out their hearts by having the girls perform various physical activities like dribbling a ball under one leg or performing 15 crossovers to demonstrate the flow of blood throughout the heart.  The girls were also able to see the affect that physical activity had on their heart rate by measuring and recording their pulse before and after power walking around the nursing building.  Dr. McNeil gave the girls the opportunity to act as real health care professionals by having the girls listen to  each other’s hearts with stethoscopes.
The simulation lab was one of the most interactive moments of this session. The girls were able to listen and identify the various types of heart sounds they had discussed during the lecture. The models that the girls worked with are actually used to teach actual nursing students! All in all  the girls learned a great deal about heart health and they were given valuable knowledge about the field of nursing and all of the required courses and duties needed to become a professional woman in the STEM field.

More fun to come !!
-Mentor, Rynita B.