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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GO-GIRL 2011 Day 4

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This was a great day for learning about research! Our GO-GIRLs had an action-packed morning spent in our Wayne State University Undergraduate Library (commonly known around these parts as the UGL). Here, our amazing librarian friends used their computer labs and extensive knowledge to show us some great ways to research online. We now know what can be considered good vs. bad research. We got a great introduction to MeL, the Michigan eLibrary website that has boundless information of all sorts and is open to all of us as residents! By just visiting mel.org, we have an entire world of databases and online resources available to us-this is a great place to visit for our school projects! Even parents will find it easy to use ;) Then we stopped by the Towers Dormitory for a true college-style buffet lunch. We could have anything from veggie pizza, to chicken strips & french fries, the salad bar and soft serve ice cream...it was awesome! Then our afternoon was spent in our teams back in the College of Ed. working on our research project surveys. We're gradually working on refining our topics and questions, we can't wait to share our surveys with all of our family and friends so keep an eye out for them soon!

We'll miss our week off of GO-GIRL as we take a break next weekend, February 26th, but we'll look forward to picking up where we left off the following Saturday, March 5th. There's a Parent Cafe on March 5th as well so we hope that all our parents can join us as well :)

GO-GIRL 2011 Day 3

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We are well on our way to learning about research. One of today's activities consisted of talking about the notion of bias. We discussed what it means to be biased and we came up with some definitions. We discovered it is basically another way to say "unfair." We talked in our teams about whether or not we have ever experiences bias in any way. We also took part in a physical activity where we moved around the room and sorted ourselves according to categories. Our mentors asked us a series of questions and we sorted ourselves in response. This helped us understand creating good category systems for our survey question answer choices. We also discussed hypotheses and predictions. Lunch was provided care of McDonalds in the WSU Student Center. A fulfilling and educational day for all! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

GO-GIRL 2011 Day 2

Saturday, February 5, 2011

We are really getting on a roll now! Day 2 was a wonderfully tiring first day! The GGs built a chain of their strengths, an activity led by a few of our fabulous mentors. This chain represents all of the awesome qualities and talents our GO-GIRLs possess, which are endless! Then in groups of teams, the GGs and their mentors discussed surveys and some issues that come up when creating or conducting a survey, this is all in preparation of the surveys the teams will be creating, compiling data from, and assessing the data. This in mind, they also had an opportunity to maneuver the software they'll use to do all of this- InspireData. Lunch was busy and the food from McDonalds was running late but thankfully everyone was patient and eventually everyone satisfied their hunger that had been building all morning! In addition to all of the other activities today, the GO-GIRLs and their teams have created their team names and the themes of their surveys, which are as follows:

Team 1 with Mentors Alisha & Lanae: C.R.A.Z.Y. (Creative, Real, Active, Zany, Young) Awesome Ladies. They will explore body image!

Team 2 with Mentors Deloris & Elizabeth: Pretty Girl Swag. Their theme is body image!

Team 3 with Mentors Brenda & Jared: BCM- Beautiful Classy Misses. These GGs will cover technology!

Team 4 with Mentors Lisa & Lisa: P3 (Pretty Powerful, Pre-Teens). Team 4 went with Fashion!

Team 5 with Mentors Alison & Desiree: DGAO (Diverse Girls as One). Body image and fashion will be complete Team 5's research!

Team 6 with Mentors Carolyn & Sarah: Scientists with Style. These GGs will explore peer pressure!

Team 7 with Mentors Tamara & Winnie: Pink Saturdays. This groups of gals wish to learn about music and how it affects mood and behavior!

We are well on our way into this semester of GO-GIRL and we are so pleased for all who could join us! Please keep checking back for weekly updates and more as we continue on with our projects and learning! And always feel free to email us at gogirl@wayne.edu to let us know what you'd like to see on the blog! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Parent Cafes-Starting next Saturday!

Three Parent Cafés will be offered during the Winter 2011 session. Parent Cafés will provide opportunities for parents to network, share information and resources, and ask questions about how they can support their daughters. GO-GIRL staff members, university experts, and community resource persons will join the informal discussions during the Cafés.

Parent Cafés are scheduled from 9:30-11:00 in the College of Education

February 12
The GO-GIRL Experience
This meeting will provide a hands-on GO-GIRL experience for parents so they will have a better understanding of the program goals and activities.

February 12
Friends of GO-GIRL Planning meeting
Our first friends of GO-GIRL Meeting will follow the Parent Café beginning at 12:00. We hope you will join us for a light lunch and conversation about how we can keep GO-GIRL Going and Growing.

March 5
Programs and Resources
How can your daughter (and you) more effectively use library resources at home or online? Looking for summer programs or other opportunities for your daughter? Don’t miss this café.

April 16
Supporting Your Daughter Now and in the Future
Don’t wait. What can you do to start preparing your daughter for college NOW? A college admissions counselor will join us and share important information and practical suggestions.

GO-GIRL 2011 Day 1

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 1 down, 9 to go! And we're off to a running start! The mentors were energetically awaiting the GGs' arrival at the bus stop drop-off point with pom-poms and signs to greet the girls and their parents. GO-GIRLs started out the day with our version of BINGO, Personality BINGO. Along with the granola bars and juice, this really got us all going! Then GGs broke into pairs or threes within their teams and completed an "All About Us" venn diagram, comparing and contrasting themselves with their partner. After the mentors modeled their introductions, the GGs had an opportunity to introduce their partner to the rest of the group. It was a jam-packed morning, everyone was quite hungry by the time lunch rolled around! Lunch was served in the WSU Student Center, it was sandwiches, potato salad, a cookie, and soda. Our first session also included a GO-GIRL-themed Power Point Presentation as well as a fun round of GO-GIRL Jeopardy, where GO-GIRLs had a chance to learn all about the GO-GIRL program. We found out these GGs are very competitive! Everyone also had a chance to take a survey, similar to one they will create and extend to others as a part of their final project. Overall, today was a great glimpse for the GGs into the GO-GIRL future and a nice chance for the GGs to get to know one another! :)