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Sunday, October 25, 2009

GO-GIRLs Keep in Touch

We were excited to hear from former GO-GIRLs that were not able to attend the reunion. Ciera is a freshman at Saginaw Valley State University and is considering a pre-law curriculum. Erika could not attend because her Saturdays are busy with DAPCEP and violin class. Karolina was off on an adventure in the wilderness in Canada with her class. Megan, who is now attending Oakland University, was playing in an alumni softball game with her division one team. Hana sent greetings from U of D Mercy where she is a biology major heading toward a career in dentistry. Mariola is also attending U of D Mercy and is pursuing a medical career.

We look forward to hearing from other former GO-GIRLs. To keep in touch you can email us at gogirl@wayne.edu.
You GO-GIRLs!!!!