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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

G^3 Nano a Resounding Success

On November 7th over 60 girls in grades 8 – 12 arrived bright and early on the Wayne State University campus. Although the program was not scheduled to begin until 9:00 am, girls began arriving at 8:30. What brought these girls out early on a Saturday morning? The opportunity to explore the field of nanochemistry. The girls started their day by reconnecting with former GO-GIRLs during a community buidling activity and then headed off to a lecture titled “Sweating the Small Stuff: The Big Deal about Nano” delivered by Dr. Stephanie Brock, professor in the department of chemistry at WSU. After the lecture, the girls were off to the chemistry labs to make ferrofluids with the assistance of WSU students and faculty. During the lab the girls donned goggles and lab coats as they learned about scientific procedures and lab safety in the context of making their own ferrofluids. After a break for lunch, the girls were back in class. During the afternoon session, "Nanomagnets to the Rescue: Curing Cancer," the girls worked in teams to develop possible solutions to a medical application problem using ferrofluids. The day concluded with a Nano@Wayne chemistry tour including X-ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy labs. When asked about the day one of the girls said, “the day was awesome" which says it all.

Friday, November 6, 2009

G^3 Nano

On Saturday November 7th, former GO-GIRLs are invited to attend GO-GIRLs Go Nano hosted by the WSU department of Chemistry. This event is part of a new GG initiative, Operation: Keeping in Touch (KiT). During this all day workshop, GO-GIRLs will explore how very, very, small devices can be used to solve BIG medical, computational, and energy problems. Parents will meet with the a WSU admissions counselor and experience a virtual nano experience in the computer labs at the UGL. Stay tuned for more.