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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reminder: March 27th College of Pharmacy Field Trip :)


On Saturday, March 27, GO-GIRL will meet at the Wayne State University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Please drop off your daughter at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences between 9:00-9:20 am. Pick-up will be in front of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at 3:00 pm.
The field trip is always a highlight of the GO-GIRL session. To find out more about the College visit their website at: http://cphs.wayne.edu/

Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is located at 259 Mack Avenue, Detroit, the southwest corner of the Detroit Medical Center Campus.
The College is on the corner of Mack Avenue and John R St.

From I-75 North
Exit at Mack Avenue and take right on Mack Avenue.
Turn at the third traffic light (John R. Street).

From I-75 South
Exit at Mack Avenue and take left on Mack Avenue.
Turn at the third traffic light (John R. Street)

From I-94
Exit at 75 South (towards Toledo, OH).
Exit at Mack Avenue and take right on Mack Avenue.
Turn at the third traffic light (John R. Street).

From Main Campus
Go South on Anthony Wayne Drive, Cass Avenue, or Woodward and turn left on to Warren Avenue
Turn right on to John R. Street.

GO-GIRL will not meet on Saturday, April 3rd.

GG Day 5

Today our GGs were able to exercise not only their minds, but also their bodies!

This morning the GG teams met to discuss survey questions. Some examples of the types of questions they examined were: open-ended questions, closed-ended, Likert-scale, multiple-choice, ordinal, categorical, and numerical. After filling out some surveys themselves, looking at some examples and identifying the different types of questions, the GGs had a chance to think of some rough draft survey questions that could possibly be used in the final creation of their team surveys.

Then, Subway subs helped us all rejuvenate after a long morning of QUESTIONS! The rest of our afternoon was spent playing volleyball and running around, altogether having a great time in the WSU Mort Harris Fitness and Recreation Center right here on campus. Everyone had a blast and we were able to let out some of our active energy!

Since next week is WSU's Spring Break, GO-GIRL will take a break and reunite on Saturday, March 27th at the College of Pharmacy. We're very excited to be able to spend the day in the Pharmacy and learn all about pharmaceutical science! See you then!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

GG Day 4

Every day we are learning more about social science research here at GO-GIRL! Today was filled with activity! In groups, everyone discussed "bias" and how to identify bias in asking survey questions. Each group worked to acknowledge any potential bias in sample questions and then had a chance to test their knowledge and create their own unbiased survey question. Also, the GGs practiced putting answers into categories. This will help organize survey results of the final surveys for the semester. And finally, the GG groups put their heads together to work on their final research project. A few of the things they talked about were what populations they would want to survey to learn more about what they find interesting concerning this topic, what questions they could ask to learn more about the topic, how they think people they survey will answer these questions, and then they came up with a prediction statement. We'll keep working on these research topics every week but so far we've made some great progress!

GG of the Week: Dr. Esther Pearson

Dr. Esther Pearson
Director, Internet Applications Support Services
GTE Internetworking
Fields: Software Engineering
Specialty: Networking
Nominated by: Tiffani Pearson

Excerpt from nomination: Esther Pearson has assisted thousands of youth, specifically African-American and Latina youths, to participate in math, science and technology programs and careers. Dr. Pearson founded Science, Technology and Engineering Pre-College Studies (STEPS) Program; and developed/copyrighted the STEPS Model of Educational Objectives.

Dr. Pearson has worked in New England for 15 years setting up and administrating science and technology programs. This work has significantly impacted the systematic acceptance from pre-college science and technology programs at numerous universities in New England.

Dr. Pearson established and directed a program with the American Electronic Association, an organization of 250 CEOs in New England that manage scientific-based corporations, to incorporate pre-college math, science and technology Saturday programs, and mentoring programs throughout New England. This program resulted in thousands of New England students receiving exposure to scientific and technical careers.

She has been working in the field of engineering for 22 years. During this time she has held positions of senior software engineer through engineering director. During this time, she has completed a bachelor's in applied science in electrical engineering from Youngstown State University; a master's in engineering management from Western New England College and a doctorate in mathematics and science education from the University of Massachusetts. With this experience, Dr. Pearson has mentored numerous women and developed math, science and technology enrichment programs for youths in grades 3 - 12. These programs have been for the gifted, as well as incarcerated teenage girls. All of this is done on a volunteer basis and on her personal time.

Dr. Pearson has dedicated her entire adult life to motivating girls, women and minorities to take science/technology classes, and seek careers in the scientific areas. She works tirelessly in this effort on a volunteer basis.

To view more, please visit: http://www.witi.com/center/witimuseum/womeninsciencet/1998/062398.shtml

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GG Day 3

What a busy weekend for GGs and GG parents!

While the GGs were in the Wayne State undergraduate library learning about internet research, creating Microsoft Power Points, etc., the GG parents were engaged in the first of three GG Parent Cafes.

Parents had a chance to introduce themselves, meet one another, compare and contrast their daughters, and get to know the InspireData software that the GGs will be using to compile their research data.

After spending an engaging morning in the library, the GGs then tackled ethical issues in research. Following this, the teams finished creating their team posters.

Needless to say, everyone involved in GG accomplished a lot! :)