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Saturday, January 31, 2015

GO-GIRL Winter 2015 - Week 1

Welcome GO-GIRLS & Parents!

Week 1 was a success! All of the girls interacted and got to know each other by using Venn Diagrams, bar graphs, and personality bingo! Before the girls went to lunch they chose their group names.

We are proud to announce the GO-GIRL Class of 2015!

Team 1: Teenage Genius'
Team 2: SUPER: Supportive, Unique, Pretty, Encouraging, Responsible
Team 3: The M&M's: Marvelous Mademoiselle
Team 4: Curie Girls: Curious, Unique, Ridiculous, Intelligent, Excellent
Team 5: CCPG Forever: caring, cute, positive girls
Team 6: Lil-JAYS: Joyful, Advanced, Young Sister

After lunch, the girls had a lot of fun! Some groups played games like "7-UP", "Why am I", and "Jeopardy".

Dr. Sally said during orientation, "the girls will be crying when you drop them off on the first day and during graduation they will be crying because they won't see each other until the summer academies." Well today the girls were very quiet at the beginning and at the end the girls did not want to go home!